The bastion in which the Kastel Raftsman Room is located is a part of the Reduit fortress complex, the only 360-degree defensive fortification on the entire Rhine. It was constructed between 1830 and 1832 to protect the pontoon bridge erected by the Mainz Elector Johann Philipp von Schönborn. 
The GHK acquired the historic military fortification in 1998, ensuring its restoration and preservation as a cultural asset. The building houses a restaurant with a charming atmosphere and, on its second floor, the raftsman museum presented by the GHK. Rafting operations on the confluence of the Main and Rhine rivers have a centuries-old history. The profession of raftsman was practiced for over 400 years in Kastel. 
Each year approximately 5 million cubic meters of timber from Bavaria traveled through the Main locks. The timber came primarily from the Steigerwald and Odenwald forests. In Kastel these tree trunks and timber from the local forests were bound together into rafts and floated down the Rhine to Holland. The museum displays and explains many exhibits such as tools and pictures of this tradition-rich profession.

Opening hours

Daily from 11:00 hrs. at the opening times of the catering trade.
Guided tours are possible by arrangement any time.
Admission: free of charge

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