In 1983 the Kastel Local History Society (GHK) conceived the idea of preserving and making more accessible Kastel’s 2000-year history for the current generation as well as for coming generations. It laid the groundwork for creating a “Historical Kastel Room” in the Reduit, which was dedicated on July 7, 1984.
The resonance was remarkable. Ever more archeological finds from Kastel came to light and were added to the collection. Soon the room could no longer contain the collection, and the way was made free for the “Castellum Museum.”

With a small circle of volunteer workers and financial support from the two state capitals, Mainz and Wiesbaden, and from many firms and citizens, it was possible to turn the plans into reality. On May 19, 1990, as part of the celebration of Kastel’s 2000th anniversary and in the presence of over 1,200 guests, the museum was inaugurated within the historic walls of the Reduit, which dates from 1832.
Today the Society presents a multitude of exhibits in the various rooms of the Reduit, beginning with uniforms and models of historic sites and structures and extending to historical relics such as military artifacts and everyday objects.

Opening hours

We will have a winter break and will be back for you from April!

Sun 10:30 hrs. to 12:30 hrs.
Guided tours are possible
by arrangement any time.
Admission: free of charge


Museum Castellum

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